Thomas Brigham
Mercy Hurd
Mary Brigham
(Abt 1638-1676)


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John Fay

Mary Brigham

  • Born: Abt 1638, Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts
  • Marriage: John Fay about 1669 in Marlboro, Middlesex, Massachusetts
  • Died: 1676, Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts about age 38

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Descendants of John Fay (1648 - 1690)
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Some of John Fay's famous descendants are: <b>Captain Steven Fay </b>(1715 - 1781), owner of the Revolutionary War Catamount Tavern in Bennington, Vermont.  <b>Sergeant John Fay</b> (1734 - 1777), who fought and died in the Battle of Bennington, August 16, 1777 (the turning point of the Revolutionary War).  <b>Dr. Cyrus Fay</b> (1778 - 1839), inventor of the forceps for extracting teeth and progenitor of the current day French and Tahitian Fay Family, <b>George Herbert Walker Bush</b> (1924 -  ), 41st President of the United States, and his son <b>George Walker Bush</b> (1946 -  ), 43rd President of the United States.
Generation No. 1
1. JOHN1 FAY was born 1648 in England, and died 05 Dec 1690 in Marlboro, Massachusetts. He married (1) MARY BRIGHAMAbt. 1669 in Marlboro, Massachusetts, daughter of THOMAS BRIGHAM and MERCY HURD. She was born Abt. 1638 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and died 1676 in Watertown, Massachusetts. He married (2) SUSANNA SHATTUCK 15 Jul 1678 in Watertown, Massachusetts, daughter of WILLIAM SHATTUCK and SUSANNA UNKNOWN. She was born 1643 in Watertown, Massachusetts, and died Aft. 1695 in Marlboro, Massachusetts.
Notes for JOHN FAY:
John Fay embarked May 30, 1656, at Gravesend, England, and arrived in Boston on June 27, 1656, at the age of 8 years on the Speedwell (sister ship of the Mayflower). John was by no means the first Fay to come to America. Available Town records in New England show for example that (1) Richard Fay resided in Dorchester MA in 1634; (2) Henry Fay, a weaver of Newberry MA died 6/30/1655 and (3) William Fay was admitted as a townsman in Boston in 1643. These Fay's unquestionably preceded John Fay to America (1656), but there are no records to establish any interrelationship between any of them.
There is, however, reasonable evidence that his father and a brother Michael had preceded him to America. Although there is no documented record of the father (David) or Michael's birth or death. Reference is made in the early Town records of Sudbury, Massachusetts, that the father of John and Michael was David Fay "who came to America prior to 1656." On the other hand the direct lineage of the descendants of John Fay from his birth in 1648 down to 1898 were clearly and logically documented in the records accumulated in Orlin P. Fay's book.
The passenger list of the Speedwell lists five minors, including John Fay age 8 years. These young men were bound to Sudbury MA (settled 17 years previously) where each of them had parents or relatives. It is presumed that since John Fay was the youngest of these minors, he very likely had parents already residing in Sudbury.
Shortly after John Fay's arrival a group of recent immigrants, including young John moved to a new grant which was newly incorporated under the name of Marlboro, MA. The early records of Marlboro show that John Fay was made a freeman in 1669, at which time he had a wife and child. In 1675 the name of John Fay appears among the proprietors of Worcester Mass., and that he had a lot of 50 acres assigned to him "in the eastern squadron, lying next to the County road to Boston." Although, he owned land in Worcester he continued to live in Marlboro until the marauding Indians during the Phillips War made it necessary to move his family to the greater security of Watertown Mass. While in Watertown he buried his first wife, Mary Brigham and one child. His second marriage was to Susan "Susanna" Shattuck who was the widow of Joseph Morse. She had 7 children by Morse and 4 by John Fay. After John Fay's death, Susan married as her third husband, Thomas Brigham, who was a brother of John Fay's first wife, Mary Brigham. It is interesting to record that from Susan's last marriage, one of her descendants [actually it was her husband Thomas' brother Samuel] was Peter Bent Brigham who left a sum of $1,000,000 which was not to be spent until 25 years after his death. By this time the fund had grown to $2,000,000 and was used to build the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, a world famous medical research hospital connected with Harvard Medical School in Boston, Mass.
Source: "Fay Genealogy _ John Fay of Marlborough and his Descendants" by Orlin P. Fay, 1898, page 13.
Ships to America _ The Speedwell, 1656
An alphabetic list of ships to America is provided at Ship Index.
A list of more ships to New England is provided at Ships & Passengers
The Speedwell of London Voyages are listed at ship name on Ship List May 27, 1656, The Speedwell, from London (Gravesend), arrived at Boston, New England
Source: "Passengers to America, A Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists from The New England Historical and Genealogical Register" Edited by Michael Tepper Selected excerpts from The New England Historical and Genealogical Register. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, Maryland, 1977, page 462.
Ship and Passenger Information:
This list is annotated by the Searcher's office, Gravesend, England, with the date of "30th May, 1656". However, an additional annotation indicates they "were Landed at Boston in N. E. the 27th of the Month, 1656. J. E." The list may have been prepared at departure by the Searcher's office or later by the vessel's master, under a high bond as assurance of the accuracy about those actually making the voyage (such lists were dated at arrival and were endorsed at the Searcher's office on return of the vessel). The source listing, however, shows the "J.E." entry as an endorsement after that of the Searcher's office. In this case, the initials "J.E." were not those of the master and the month was not specified. This leaves questions about the month in which the "27th" actually occurred _ before, during, or after May.
Robert Lock, Master
41 passengers listed.
Stratton, Richard
Mulfoot, John
Smith, Richard 43
Brinsley, Francis 22
Noyce, Thomas 32
Edwards, Mathew
Boules, Joseph 47
Brand, William 40
Copeland, John 28
Holder, Christopher 25
Thurston, Thomas 34
Prince, Mary 21
Gibbons, Sarah 21
Weatherhead, Mary 26
Waugh, Dorothy 20
Smith, Lester 24
Clarke, Christopher 38
Lane, Edward 36
Richardson, Tho: (Thomas) 19
Earle, John 17
Barnes, Thomas 20
Hopgood, Shudrack 14
Goodynough, Thomas 20
Goodinough, Nathaniel 16
Fay, John 8
Tayler, William 11
Smith, Richard 28
Munnings, Muhuhulett 24
Mott, Margarett 12
Reeue (Reeve), Henry 8
Seker, Henery 8
Morse, John 40
Dauison (Davison), Nickolus 45
Baldwin, John 21
Baldwin, Mary 20
Worster, Rebeca (sic) 18
Wigins, John 15
Miller, John 24
Home, Thomas 11
Crane, John 11
Baalam, Charels (sic) 18
Source: November 3, 2000
From Genealogy Forum:
Re: John Fay (1648_90)a French Huguenot?
Posted by: Mary (FAY) Nelson 9 Date: June 21, 1999 at 17:34:50
In Reply to: Re: John Fay (1648_90)a French Huguenot? by Dennis N. Reed of 583
From my personal research, I think that John Fay was born in Penton Mewsey, Hampshire, England and not in France. There are unpublished records in England which support this research, but I haven't gotten to see them firsthand. Anyway a large clan of FAY family members are still in England and trace themselves to Collingbourne_Ducis, Wiltshire well before 1600. There is a David FAY marrying an Elizabeth Coale/Cole in December 1616 in Penton Mewsey. This is published in the Parish marriage records, which I found at the Clayton Library in Houston, TX. This is the only David Fay I've found in England for this period.
Mary was the daughter of Thomas and Mercy (Hurd) Brigham; born probably in Cambridge, Mass., about 1638; died in Watertown, in 1676; married John Fay, the emigrant, who settled in Marlboro, Mass., and died 5 May, 1690, age 50.
Mary was the first Brigham born in America, and as such deserves special mention. Paige, in his History of Cambridge (pp. 501_2), a most thorough and painstaking work, chronicles that "Mary went to Sudbury and Marlboro with her mother, brothers and sister, when her father died, where she married John Fay of Marlboro." And he cites evidence, as already indicated by a legal document (Mid. Prob. Recs., vii. 9), wherein, joining with other complainants, John Fay and Samuel Fay, children of Mary Fay of Marlboro, and heirs of Thomas Brigham, late of Cambridge began suit September 28, 1695, to recover certain lands in the possession of Samuel Hastings, who possessed also the Puritan Brigham homestead. John Fay Sr.'s wife was Mary, and there was no other Fay in Marlboro at that time of suitable age to be the father of said John, Jr., and Samuel Fay, parties to said suit. Paige was undoubtedly correct, and we must include in our genealogy of the Brighams the children of John and Samuel Fay, sons of Mary (Brigham) Fay. Both of them had large families, among them being sons who became the heads of numerous branches (see Fay Family). There was also a daughter, Mary Fay, who married Jonathan3 Brigham, her cousin, and a son of Thomas2 Brigham; they had 10 children, thus starting several male lines of Brighams. Hudson, in his Hist. of Marlboro, does not conflict with Paige's position; and he adds that John Fay retired (with most other Marlboroites), during King Philip's War, to Watertown, where he buried his wife Mary and a young son David, just coming five years.
John Fay, the husband of Mary Brigham, came to America when he was eight years of age. No mention is made of his parents. He is found in Marlboro as early as 1669. He married (2) Susanna, daughter of William Shattuck of Watertown and widow of Joseph Morse. As will be seen, she married for her third husband, Thomas2 Brigham. [Brigham (1907) p. 63]
Marriage: Abt. 1669, Marlboro, Massachusetts


Mary married John Fay about 1669 in Marlboro, Middlesex, Massachusetts. (John Fay was born in 1648 in England and died on 5 Dec 1690 in Marlboro, Middlesex, Massachusetts.)

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