Ancestors of Elizabeth Phipps Soiero

Cambridgeport School elementary school librarian. Elizabeth Phipps Soiero is the librarian at an elementary school that Mrs. Trump gifted with a copy of Dr. Seuss's "Oh the places we will go". She wrote a long rant in a leftist publication, publicly refusing to accept Mrs. Trump's gift, attacking Dr. Seuss's books as full of nonspecific sexist and racist images; specifically she claims they are "steeped in racist propaganda, caricatures and harmful stereotypes".  Next she blasted Melania Trump for not giving these evil sexist and racist books to lower class school children instead of the great upper class children at her really, really, great school.   That's really, really, really, REALLY great.   The piece began with three or four paragraphs on how wonderful the school she works at is, which had nothing to do with the suitability of Dr. Seuss books for children, and would have resembled President Trump's style if the entire rant had seemed less deranged.

The public jumped on Ms. Phipps Soeiro enmasse. Black performers have been having fun with her on Twitter. Most people have attacked her and few have supported her; only the most diehard traditional Democrats, and not very many of them.

Media like the Washington Post that normally serve as Democratic Party propaganda organs, or have done since 2016, published several articles questioning if Dr. Seuss' books ARE racist and sexist, and the most objective comments said that noone has yet explained or provided examples of what is racist and sexist.

Generally the letter appears to have been written by someone who was completely, stark, raving, clinically mad, and past making any sort of sense. A photo of her holding up Melania Trump's letter and a Dr. Seuss book, reinforces that impression. She looks far more disturbed than simply angry or upset, more like mentally ill, and she has on garish red lipstick with no other makeup.

People quickly dug up a number of photos of Elizabeth Phipps Soiero. One set of photos of her from 2015, just two years ago, shows a pleasant looking and smiling woman dressed up in, get ready for it, a Dr. Seuss character costume, holding a Dr. Seuss book and a Dr. Seuss toy, in her school library.

But the following photo from several days ago, shows a seemingly different woman.   This woman looks seriously disturbed.  She is holding up her rant against Dr. Seuss books (or maybe Melania Trump's letter that her library received with the book), and a Dr. Seuss book. In this picture she has a thin, taut, distraught and mentally unwell face, long straight hair pastered to head and braided down back in two braids, and the only makeup is bizarre looking flashy bright red lipstick. The overall impression is something I've seen countless times on the faces of people who were either severely alcoholic or severely mentally ill, usually without homes, and noone else, ever, in my 61 years of life.


It comes across that Ms. Phipps Soiero's views of Dr. Seuss's books swing with her bipolar mood states.  

There are other photos that are somewhere in between, but she looks severe and haughty, very different from the cheerful and chubby faced woman from two years ago.  The bottom photo depicts a woman on a mission to enlighten the rest of us, about whatever, and her expression shows how badly the rest of us are in need of learning.  And what is with the upscale trademark scarf, for someone so sanctimoniously egalitarian.  And the same no makeup except for a bizarre vivid shade of flashy red lipstick.

To be sure, the makeup and hair look very much like female intelligentsia from Latin America two generations ago, and it looks as if Ms. Phipps Soiero is trying to emulate them, though it is now two generations past their time, it's the United States, her ancestry is entirely north western and eastern European, and her coloring is Old European.   

But people also soon circulated two year old photos of Michelle Obama reading to school children - wait for it -  from  Dr. Seuss books, and Barack Obama reading to children from a Dr. Seuss book. Clearly thinking Dr. Seuss books are racist and sexist was NOT Democrat Party dogma before last week.


Two years ago Democrats even knew how to smile and relax.

Google doesn't seem to think Dr. Seuss characters are bad.   

And, tell me please, what race are those characters?  What gender are they?!!   LOLOL, they're CARTOON creatures!   They're red, yellow, blue, green - and a cat.  

Her school announced that she had been counselled that she does not accept or reject books for the school, and that. However, several parents at the school said they support her. People who live there have posted online that Cambridge is a very bizarre place where this sort of idiocy is normal. That would be an interesting place indeed.

The fact is that the Democratic Party establishment have been steadily losing their minds completely for years, especially since about summer 2016, and not only in Cambridge, but this went far overboard.

Right wing people attacked her for involvement with a number of liberal causes, which I wouldn't take issue with, until one sees what groups these are. She belongs to two Moslem groups, but she's not thinking of converting. She also belongs to Black Lives Matter, whose goal is pretty much race war, and White people have no place in their world view.  In the minds of Black Lives Matter, Black people will never be well treated, no matter what, and anything that ever happens to a Black person will always be about race war, even if a Black police officer shot a Black criminal he thought was going to shoot him.   Her ancestry is exclusively European, and so is her husband's.

She belongs to a radical feminist organization. I myself am a radical feminist, in the sense that I don't believe there are systematic differences between men and women that should define what members of those two groups can do or feel. Years ago I belonged to NOW. Goals consistent with my views have pretty much been accomplished.  Let me put it this way.   In the early 1970s, when I was in high school, even thinking women shouldn't be subject to men or should get equal pay was largely perceived as making trouble.   Today, the run of the mill parent thinks that human gender is a complex enough matter to have produced tens of thousands of "transgender" children, and I've an idea that right wing antics about it will complete that sea change.  Only the fact that the candidate was Hillary Clinton just stopped a woman from becoming President of the United States.  In my neoconservative Catholic sister's household, the breadwinner is a woman, she was a high level manager at IBM and now runs her own business, and the parent with the more nurturing personality, who mostly minds the kids while working part time as a volunteer, is a man.   

Ms. Phipps Soiero's brand of radical feminism is far more extreme and combative, and there is a widely circulated view of her arguing impassionately at one of their conferences.  Her brand of radical feminism is out of this world, basically the feminist equivalent of Black Lives Matter, and consistent with attacking Dr. Seuss's books as sexist and racist.

I tried to back this up by finding the source, and can't at this moment find it. I got the impression at the time they were all on a single web site, which is why I didn't save the images at the time, as the web site didn't make that easy.  My guess is they've been taken down. She was specifically standing in front of a banner with male and female symbols; it wasn't the very similar photos from an Ed Talks lecture she gave on how to "Creating Community and Active Citizens", on how to make school libraries more inclusive, and a wider of variety of children feel welcome in school libraries.   She proposes to do this in the same way -  by making kids read books very similar to those on the reading list she gave Melania Trump, and teaching them how dark and divided the world is - each and every time they open a book, or someone reads a book to them, if they're at the age for Dr. Seuss books.   "Separate is never equal"?  What a message for three year olds!   

Here is how she looked for the Ed Talks talk.

What welcoming expressions!   Some part of the literary ideological warfare and negativity portrayed on the slide is I guess supposed to prove attractive and welcoming to "diverse" children at her school.  When are the children allowed to think they're equal yet?  The notion that they're not is  part of the core platform of Black Lives Matter.

The expression on her face is more consistent with what is driving her lately.   

If Elizabeth Phipps Soiero, as troubled and clinically mentally ill as she clearly is, were alone with this kind of extremism, the thing to do would be leave her alone.  Unfortunately she has far too much company, even if they're not fulling their full weight into defending the notion that Dr. Seuss books are sexist and racist.  This sort out of this world thinking has become the general outlook of the Democratic Party, with its out of it exclusive focus on such issues, an evangelical fervor of sanctimony, and rigid extreme rules about what people can think and say.   It needs to end.   Allowed to continue, it will only become more extreme and result in more violence, and probably in the success of the Republican Party in 2020.    And the fact that she has such influential positions in national library associations is extremely scary.   Have they been seeing her with some sort of crazy-Democrat blinders on, or are they as insane as she is?!!

Supporting thinking something is desperately wrong with her, is the fact that when she got so massively called out, she completely pulled her Facebook page, and also her Linked In page.  Granted, the comments those accounts would be getting wouldn't be helpful to her job persona as a manager of social media for a school library association.   But a stable person, and one with any stuffing at all, wouldn't have pulled their entire online existence like that.  She might have apologized, or stood by her views, or just shut up and let people rave for a while, and then they might have cleaned it up.   But she would not have so completely run for cover.  She has not been heard from in a week.  One has to wonder if she actually melted in a bucket of water.    

Even stranger is that it was very hard to find anything about her online.  Usually one can learn a great deal simply from the find people web sites online; in this case, it was much harder.   This woman goes to extraordinary lengths to make sure noone knows anything about her.  Some of her father's family seem to have been doing that for a very long time.   Her mother's family has been researched twice on Ancestry, complete with a number of photos.   Her father's family has almost entirely lived in Massachusetts, which has kept excellent birth, marriage and death records that can be accessed online, since they first arrived in New England.  It's hard to find birth and death records on this segment of her ancestry.   Family trees seem to always mysteriously go back just one generation further than you previously had information, and then stop.   One or two people doing that might just be lazy, but this is four centuries of an entire block of her ancestry.   

One can definitely hope that the following information doesn't hold true for long. She needs to be dumped from these positions, though it's scary that she was ever put in them. "Liz Phipps Soeiro
is a K-5 school librarian Cambridge, MA and the founder of the Cambridge Book Bike. She is the Legislative Committee co-chair for the Massachusetts School Library Association, sits on two state legislative commissions and serves on the advisory committee for Libraries Without Borders (Bibliothécaires Sans Frontières). She was named a 2017 Library Journal Mover & Shaker and is a finalist for the American Association of School Librarians’ “Social Media Superstar: Social Justice Defender”. @ReflectLibrary. " One can only think that these organizations thought she represented some image in their minds, probably an image that is both liberal and out of it, and hope they now realize that she's severely nuts and has alienated the entire country by her extremism.

The fact that Ms. Phipps Soiero complete with her haughty and severe expression, radical views and angry manner, has somehow advanced herself in certain circles, could help account for the weak efforts major newspapers that have served as Democratic party - anti-Trump propaganda organs, have been making to back her assertion that Dr. Seuss' books are evil.  It's scary that they would have chosen someone like this, with her severe, angry and haughty agenda.

An especially depressed and severe view of the world, is expressed by the alternative list of books Ms. Phipps Soeiro recommended for what pepole SHOULD be reading to 3 to 6 year old children, in place of evil and light hearted Dr. Seuss.

Edwidge Danticat's "Mama's Nightingale", in which a Haitian American child's mother is imprisoned in the United States for having no papers, which is actually intended for small children!

Margarita Engle, "Drum Dream Girl: How One Girl's Courage Changed Music", about a Chinese-African-Cuban girl who broke Cuba's traditional taboo against female drummers.

Duncan Tonatiuh, "Separate is Never Equal: Sylvia Mendez & Her Family's Fight for Desegregation", about the segregated reality of Mexican Americans.

Elisa Amado, "Two White Rabbits", about the experience of a Latin American child refugee as she travels northward with her father by foot, raft, and tops of trains.

Such a choice in reading material for small children would leave them with mental health problems as serious as those Ms. Phipps Soiero has. At age 3 to 6, reading material should be light hearted and sometimes poetic, not dark, scary social criticism written for sixth graders. In fact, see a group of her own direct ancestors below, who drove their children mad with something similar, as well as their own social divisions.

From her TED Talks presentation, and things she has written, it appears that the point of this reading list is supposed to be to make a broader spectrum of children feel more welcome in schools, and to encourage diversity. Online people are quick to point out that there is a very narrow view of the world, as well as a very narrow focus on Latin America, and it's very dark to boot.  It's hard to imagine these books making 3 to 6 year olds feel happy to be in a school library where they hear and read nothing else.     

It took a while, and a discussion about potential liberal attacks on Spot in the Dick Jane Sally books, for me to realize how clear it actually is that Liz Soiero is speaking the truth, when she spends three paragraphs telling us that the school where she works serves an exclusively priviledged student body.  None of the small children children the books on her recommended reading list are about, are actually in her classroom listening to this, to get nightmares about people coming for their parents!   The struggle over whether children are either separate or unequal that Ms. Phipps Soiero wants children worrying about wouldn't affect the students in her school.   In fact, five year old immigrant children could never feel welcome or happy in a school whose teachers and librarian reminded them constantly that they should always think that, for instance, the police might take their parents away and put them in prison.   Children exposed to the books above would wake up screaming with nightmares, and their parents would soon put an end to it.  Ms. Phipps Soiero is so off the deep end with her strange and angry political agenda, she's not half thought through the things she is saying - or maybe she has.  Rev. Parris of Salem Village had his strategy of educating children completely thought through.  However, I seriously doubt it would go over in her school or any other.

The book list also isn't very diverse. One can see in the family tree below, that Ms. Phipps Soeiro herself has recent Polish and Irish immigrants. Where are their stories about immigration to America? Certainly these groups weren't universally wanted here, were exploited to keep wages low and working conditions horrible, setting them against the native born working class, they were culturally different, noone who lived here wanted them here, they lived and worked in terrible conditions and struggled, and their stories are often very interesting. There are plenty of good books about them for young people.   That she seems to both want to think she is Latin American and want other people to think she is Latin American, and only books about Latin Americans and an occasional southeast Asian are on her reading list of what she thinks kids should be reading, albeit not three to six year olds in place of Dr. Seuss, indeed raises questions.

Here is Goodreads' list of books for young people about New England textile workers, who were often immigrants, especially Irish.   Two of my favorites; Lyddie, and Halfway Down Paddy Lane, are on it.  

Here is a good book for very young children about Harriet Tubman as a small child experiencing slavery and beginning to prepare for her future:   Minty:  A Story of Young Harriet Tubman.  

Watching Three Guineas for Sarah, about several of Ms. Soiero's ancestors, is one of the best things I ever did. "OMG, this happened before - ALL of it." But I didn't know any of this yet.

I decided to research Elizabeth Phipps Soeiro's ancestry.   It has been my long experience that people who are seriously nuts who live where my ancestors lived, are often related to me.   I wondered if she shares any of my bipolar ancestors. The more seriously nuts people are, the more likely that seems to be to be true.  A quarter of my ancestry is Old New England, and about a third of her ancestry.   I often do this sort of thing and never put the results online, or mention the more interesting findings or lack thereof, but not publish the entire pedigree, unless it happens to suitably attach to my own, but it seems pretty clear that the best way anyone could come up with to rattle Ms. Phipps' Soiero's cage would be to publish her family history online.   Given how little completey she has disappeared from the public eye since she was called out for her rant, it might not actually be that hard to take some of the haughtiness off of her face.   She needs to learn among other things, that there's always going to be somebody as crazy as she is.   Note that every single thing in it is public information; I didn't obtain, let alone pay for, any information that can't simply be found on the Internet or in news media.  Moreover, I found something in her family history that this entire country needs to pay heed to, and learn from - again.  

Of course, it's always possible she's got the will and the moxie to knowingly and deliberately, both act and THINK, exactly in every detail, like her direct ancestor, Rev. Samuel Parris of the Salem witch trials, despite the fact that the demonization he contributed to not only tore the village apart, but caused a group of sisters she is descended from to be put to death, though they were highly respected members of the community who had been demonized for being on the wrong side of a political dispute.  Maybe she is even going to act exactly like Rev. Samuel Parris with her head held higher.   Woman has a new identity to assume!   

The links to the pedigree are at the bottom of this page.  

Ms. Phipps Soiero's husband's parents are Portuguese, and they have no Latin American nor Carribean ancestry.   Ms. Phipps Soiero's mother's parents came with their parents from Poland.   Her father's people are mostly Old New England, and  mostly lived in eastern and south central Massachusetts, with some recent Irish ancestry, probably Catholic.   

The first thing I found, is grounds to wonder if the strange strain of liberalism in elite New England universities, is a product of the fact that inbred rural New Englanders are taking over its elite university communities. This woman is descended from half her father's ancestors three to nine times, and some of them even more. She's descended from the same Phipps family four times, three times from a single pair of 5x great grandparents. That pair was already descended from many people multiple times - and she's also descended from some of them through lines that aren't Phipps! In two entire successive communities of her ancestors, her direct ancestors endlessly married people with the SAME surname, and just three surnames predominate. I eventually gave up on the line that had settled on an island near Cape Cod and a portion of that community moved en masse to a small isolated rural area in central Maine.  Her entire ancestry of that line consists mostly of people with only three or four surnames, and it is fairly unlikely that my ancestors ever went to either community.

The second thing I noticed is, these were for the most part old New Englanders, mostly from Massachusetts, whose towns kept excellent records, and these people were often hard to trace. Usually one can readily find information on any old Massachusetts family in the town records and most often also in published genealogies.  Though her mother's people have all the information - though little of the stories - posted on Ancestry, some lines of her father's people would be appear in online pedigrees a generation at a time, and information was often outright hard to find.  There is such a thing as lazy genealogy, but this pattern is unusual.  An entire line of people making hard to learn about in a social context where other people didn't means something ailed those people.  The fast superficial research that I did would have been unlikely to learn if something broke up the chains of communication between generations or caused people to not want to preserve their family history despite living in a culture where pride in one's pedigree was de rigeur.  I did not see much in the way of children unlikely to have known who their parents or their parents' people even were.   

I didn't even try trace her mother's Polish family in Poland.  Some of her relatives on Ancestry do seem to have them back a generation, sometimes more, in Poland.  Her mother didn't look all that well either, though several very different things, some of them physical, could have ailed her health.  (Photo from two Ancestry trees.)   A picture here speaks a thousand words of absent information.  The photo at Ancestry of her father, who lived to be nearly one hundred and outlived her, shines with health, vigor and mental alertness.  He clearly is her biological father; he otherwise looks very like her.  She's the first of her family not to reach old age.  If poverty had caused her to look like this, it should have affected her parents and grandparents worse.   She was divorced from her husband at some point, and it isn't clear how she supported herself and her children, or to what degree her family supported her.  


All four of her grandparents and their parents were immigrants from Poland, held low end working class jobs, and seem to have worked hard.  They seem to have been Catholic, from their places of burial.  One pair in particular could read and write, though they reported a small amount of education, both husband and wife were allegedly naturalized, which I found impressive since it was usual for only men to be naturalized, and even though just one parent worked, as a hatter in a hat factory, and in the 1940 census a teenaged daughter was a machinist in a handbag plant, they came to own their home by 1940.  This would appear to have taken hard work, exceptional thrift, excellent organization, and a few miracles, though I've known people well whose mental health issues resulted from extremes of thrift and probably more, by parents and grandparents who were faced with this level of hardship.  There could conceivably have been things very wrong in her grandparents' homes, and I'd be surprised if there weren't.   

However, what I don't see is what should cause Ms. Phipps Soiero to exclusively read her young students dark stories about Hispanic illegal immigrants, and try to look like Latin American intelligentsia of three quarters of a century ago.  It could not be more clear that she wants people to know absolutely nothing personal about her.    But she hardly has to tell her own personal story to recommend books for young readers about Irish and Polish immigrants, and Italian immigrants as well.   She looks as if she wants to be Latin American, and her intellectual world seems to be abnormally focused on that segment of the world.   She probably has little sense of who she is, and she seems to be trying hard to be somebody else!   

Her father, though mostly of Old New England ancestry, had several Irish lines, and an entire family of them worked in a jewelry factory while the father seems to have worked his way a little bit up the ladder.   I myself own two very good books for teenagers, about Irish girls in New England textile mills.   Not you'd read them to five year olds in place of Dr. Seuss.  

Elizabeth Phipps Soiero does share a good number of ancestors with me. There are the Axtells, Maynards, Stones, and Walkers of Sudbury, who were mostly just obstinate.  They were people with minor positions or positions of leadership in their communities.  They ran into efforts to force them to worship in the Church of England.   They quietly worshipped in the forest, or made a wry comment or two in the church record books, made plans, got money together, and then all left for Massachusetts, most of them as a group, together with Edmund Rice and the Noyeses, and the Bents.     

Typically seriously bipolar distant New England relatives of mine who aren't Lowe descendants, descend from both the Balch and Noyes families, and mental illness blew up all over the place when the lines crossed, and usually at that point they were also inbred.   She shares my Noyes ancestry, and not Balch, but the crazy Noyes's whose descendants tend to be seriously bipolar and given to every sort of colorful antics, aren't her ancestors; she's descended from their stable third cousin, Peter Noyes, who helped found and govern Sudbury.  Figuring this out taught me crucial information about Peter Noyes that I hadn't known.   

Another story of the crossed and inbred Balch and Noyes lines, is my 5th cousin, Emily Greene Balch.  Her father and mother were Noyes line first cousins, or else his wife was the daughter of Noyes line first cousins.  Two of her sisters had repeated long bouts of disabling depression.   Her brother went permanently insane.   Emily Greene Balch was brilliant, had an advanced degree in economics at the turn of the 20th century when few women went to college, was a gifted teacher, and won a nobel peace prize for her stubborn efforts to achieve European peace, but lack of self confidence caused her to never marry.   

However, she's descended from my ancestorEdmund Rice about five times. I'm descended from him three times; he was an ancestor of the woman at the base of two generations of Raymond first cousin marriages.   He also helped found and govern Sudbury. He was bipolar. He was never psychotic, and, unlike Abraham Lincoln, he was never chained in a cellar by his friends to save his life. He was a land speculator, who kept moving from one community to another in search of more opportunity. In 17th century England and New England that wasn't done; today's equivalent would be successfully making a fortune by buying and selling web sites on the Internet. He moved atleast twice in England. He had a pattern of being outstandingly successful, the richest landowner in the area, due to constantly buying and selling land, and then he'd suddenly get very crabby, and nothing was going his way, and he couldn't get along with anyone, and he would get up and move, usually followed by a flock of other families who wanted to hang with someone who was bipolar, some of them with serious cases of psychosis. I descend from most of the families in both of his flocks.  In his last village in England, he had wanted leadership positions but the men who held them considered him unstable and wouldn't appoint him to anything. Both moving around and buying and selling land were not marks of stability in late medieval England, so he left for Massachusetts.  He was never more than nominally Puritan.   

Ms. Phipps Soiero is also descended from the leaders of the Nazing Puritans, such as the Reverends Eliot, and a number of members of the flock they brought from Norfolk. The Nazing Puritans were very extreme, to the point of being half crazy, and they passed it down to my Raymond line through the inbred group their immediate descendants formed in Worcester County, Massachusetts. They were people who were more than capable of thinking that Dr. Seuss is racist and sexist.  One could argue whether their outlook or their mental health was more bent.       

Then there is true colorfulness. Elizabeth Phipps Soeiro manages to directly descend, both from one of the three Nurse sisters who were charged with witchcraft at Salem in 1692, two of whom were executed, AND, Rev. Samuel Parris, whose family started the entire thing, and who actively fed it. Evidently on leaving Salem, instead of beaming back up to the mother ship and being never heard of again, he disappeared all the way to Sudbury, where he remarried to Peter Noyes' granddaughter, which raises a serious why question, and then they raised a new family.

Samuel Parris was a very successful merchant in the Carribean before switching to excessively severe Puritan minister.  His contempories found him severe.  Extreme Puritanism was hardly a sign of good mental health, especially among my ancestors.  The characteristic cycling mood disorders among my father's Quaker ancestors, who were an offshoot of Puritanism who didn't think the Puritans took anything seriously enough, is the stuff of much of their writing, especially their journals and letters.  Evangelical Christianity is often very attractive to people with bipolar disorder.   Success as a salesman is often considered a clinical symptom of bipolar disorder.  After leaving Salem, Rev. Parris bounced back and forth between the two career paths of fire and brimstone Puritan minister, and merchant, like a rabbit.  Most people who knew Rev. Parris at any time in his life vigorously disliked him.  One faction of the people of Salem Village chose him to be their clergyman despite outrageous demands on his part, it has been argued because they couldn't get anyone better.  His extreme and severe theology was consistent with that of the leading faction who chose him, and it was also begining to go out of vogue in New England.   

The marriage of Samuel Parris to Peter Noyes' granddaughter raises a critical why question.   It's actually unusual to be descended from Peter Noyes without being also descended from his cousins the Crazy Noyeses.   My own lines show a typical pattern; there is a clear trail of generally loony behavior and serious mental illness from the Crazy Noyeses, but no way to prove Peter didn't also have the genes, or similar genes.  In fact, in my own lines, Peter Noyes and Crazy Noyes lines converge in a single marriage a generation before the true looniness began, and that was actually a generation before the cross with the Balch line.  A wealthy man from a respected Puritan family, with the rank of gentry, decided to run away to the southern colonies and marry two other women with the first one still living, and they were a generation getting over it,.  Two generations of first cousin marriages turned this into stays in the psychiatric hospital.  One study that tried to use pedigrees to find genes for bipolar disorder, demonstrated that what usually happens is known genes for the genetically complex condition snake in and out of the lines, due to the characteristic selective mating of people who carry bipolar genes.   

Peter Noyes was the capable farm manager of a thriving agricultural village manor in England. He came from a long line of them. He helped found Sudbury, and served as co-leader for pretty much as long as he lived, was completely capable, and never demonstrated any of the emotional fireworks and instability of the other community founder and leader, Edmund Rice.   However, many bipolar families have extremely successful people who appear to be utterly stable but carry the family's genes.   These are overall highly adaptive genes for the only form of mental illness that is disproportionately found in the upper social classes.     

One has to wonder why Peter Noyes' granddaughter Dorothy would have wanted to marry a Rev. Parris.  Her father and grandfather were dead, so their views didn't figure in the matter.   One theory is that she met him when he was preaching in Stow, Massachusetts, near Sudbury.  She might have thought he was normal, though on any objective grounds he was at best very strange, and people typically didn't like him.   She might have been drawn to his style, and even to his brand of Evangelical Christianity.  She may have found that when she talked to him it seemed like the lights were on upstairs.   She very likely thought that the fact that he cared about things, unlike laid back and wishy washy neuronormals who one really can't trust, would make him a reliable husband, even though her perceptions would have startled most people.   The point is that it is not logically likely that Peter Noyes was neuronormal.  This wasn't likely the last marriage in that line between people with the same strongly genetic temperament.  In fact, their daughter married into the Bent line, that came on teh same ship with the Crazy Noyes brothers, Peter Noyes, Edmund Rice, and a contingent of his followers from Berkhamstead.  Another Bent ancestor of Ms. Phipps Soiero married a son of Edmund Rice.   

Ms. Phipps Soeiro is actually descended from this Bent family somewhere between four and twelve times.  What is more, a sister of the emigrant Bent's father married a Noyes, though it is not clear how he was related to the Noyes emigrants.  The notion that this couple were the parents of the Crazy Noyes brothers is disproven by the fact that their proven mother did not have the same first name.   Nevertheless, that is a lot of intermarrying with bipolar families.  

The Nurse sisters were actually sound, stable, highly respected women, who got caught on the wrong side of a raging community conflict. Elizabeth Phipps Soeiro should watch "Three Sovereigns for Sarah", which is available at Google Play for $6.00, and she'd do well to learn from it. This film shows two groups of people in conflict lose their minds entirely and tear an entire community apart, with horrible consequences.  Elizabeth Phipps Soeiro's direct ancestor, Sarah, is the leading character in the film, and in the film, she clearly describes what happened to an English tribunal charged with exonerating the reputations of those who "weren't really witches".

Pretty much like Democrats. If Democrats could have executed every single person who ever voted for Donald Trump for witchcraft, it would certainly have happened by now.  Never since has there been so many people clean out of their minds nor such absolute demonization. And just what DOES anyone call accusing Dr. Seuss's characters of being racist and sexist. The Democratic Party establishment were as out of it and hateful as the people of Salem Village long before the election.

But Ms. Phipps-Soiero probably most of all takes after, not just her Nazeing Puritan ancestors, but Rev. Samuel Parris himself. "Three Sovereigns for Sarah" makes no bones about what started those children throwing hysterical fits of fear of possession or supernatural attack by Satan. Rev. Parris was a very severe man, with a severe outlook on life, which he taught from the pulpit.

The Salem witch trials typified the state of crisis of the Puritan church at that time. The Puritan church taught a terrifying theology where God preordained at the beginning of time who was saved and who was condemned, and the saved knew in their hearts they were saved and could offer proof of their state of grace; all over New England at that time, this frightened teenagers into fits and caused the more devout of their elders to give up on their relationship with God and refuse to take communion.  

In the early 1690s the churches of New England were actually beginning to relax their theology in many ways, but Rev. Parris was old school, as were the villagers who supported him.  Meanwhile the villagers of Salem Village were alienated and frightened by changes around them, especially in nearby Salem Town, that resulted from the end of the medieval social order, and the government didn't adequately defend them against attacks by the Indians, creating a perpetual atmosphere of anxiety and hostility toward each other.  They thought they were under attack by Satan, and they thought the entire faction of the village who their teenagers were accusing of witchcraft, were the product of Satan.   

Rev. Parris, for reasons that are controversial, encouraged his congregation to believe that Satan was behind all of the threats to himself and his family, including the childrens' seeming possession.  He might have believed that to be true.  He is often portrayed as as selectively self concerned, even in public speeches, as Donald Trump.  He seemed to exclusively express concerns about himself, no matter what he was talking about or who he was talking to. Since it's not at all unlikely that he was bipolar, it's also not unlikely that he had a genuine conversion experience to a very radical strain of Evangelical Christianity,  he was obnoxious and self serving, AND he genuinely believed the terrifying stuff he preached, and he thought that Satan was behind all opposition to him, his followers, and the medieval social order that that faction of the Salem villagers sought to preserve.

Let me put it this way.  If Elizabeth Phipps Soiero could believe that Dr. Seuss' books are full of racist and sexist symbols and three year old children  should exclusively hear stories about childrens' mothers being imprisoned, then Rev. Parris probably believed God was an angry and terrifying force, and his own opponents were possessed by Satan.  

"Three Sovereigns for Sarah" shows children standing in church quaking in fear. They spent all of their time reading Scripture, both for their lessons and their entertainment. They turned to Tituba's psychic readings for relief. Rev. Parris would have been the FIRST person to be telling parents they must read their toddlers "Mama's Nightingale, about a Haitian American child's mother imprisoned in an American detention center for having no papers, instead of Dr. Seuss! Exclusively reading children this stuff can't result in happy, well adjusted children.   

It isn't the first time large portions of the middle and upper social classes have gone overboard with the notion of children reading only grim, religious or otherwise improving sorts of literature.  It was a common thread in childrearing practices for much of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.   When I was in junior high school, our literature text was full of very dark, grim, scary, but classical, stories.   

This kind of terrorizing children with a focus on dark, scary stuff, that they must read in order to somehow improve or educate them, is hardly something that happened in the 17th century and doesn't still happen.  I happened to have depression the year when I was in 7th grade, and I actually sat in English classes having fits of anxiety.  It wasn't that I saw terrible things that happened to old people or to people long ago in other lands, or people who never existed in fantastic situations, such as in Flowers for Algernon, happening to me, it was just completely black and terrifying, one story right after another.  We literally never read anything happy, all year long.    

I descend from people who were executed from Salem or their first cousins, including one of Edmund Rice's followers' cousins who had psychotic episodes and speculated in land, both of which convinced the people of Salem Village he was possessed by Satan, and Rev. Noyes, who was a Crazy Noyes, and I'm collaterally descended from Rev. Cotton Mather. I also had ancestors at Salem who hung out in the woods with horses and lanterns and helped people flee for their lives.  

It would do for Elizabeth Phipps Soeiro to look at her family history. Those who do not know their past are condemned to repeat it, the way she is so brilliantly repeating the performance of her ancestors at Salem.

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