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Welcome to my web page.

My genealogy pages have all moved to my Rootsweb site.   Any leftover genealogical material on this web site is very out of date and not necessarily complete or correct. The exception is my pages on the roots of the mitochondrial lineage of Anne King of Sudbury, Massachusetts, died 1644; Rootsweb doesn't support background music.

These pages are being updated; many links on the site go to their location at my old Geocities site.

Family Pictures

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 Mosquitos from my back yard in north central Austin, Texas

 Useful sources on diverticulitis.  Last updated when I had diverticulitis, which was treated surgically in April of 2014.

  Family recipes - includes my page on my family making christmas bread, or stollen, and my pages on the history of one of our family favorites, "gujem", together with the histories of djuvec ("gujem"), hungarian goulash, and spanish rice and joloff, with recipes for each.          

 Elizabeth Phipps Soiero, a mentally deranged librarian, attacks Dr. Suess books as sexist and racist, and Melania Trump for not giving                          to poor children instead of wealthy ones.  

     Drought in Texas.   Extent, causes, consequences, and proposed solutions.  This page was motivated by my observation that many authorities and environmentalists in Texas seem notto be in touch with reality.    

  See my set of pages on environmental conditions and chemical pollution in China. It explains why we should not be using ingredients imported from China in pet food, or any other food.

 What is the size of a gynecological grapefruit"? If you need to make decisions about how to treat uterine fibroids, read this informative page that gives the details on common gynecological units of measurement (fruit, sports equipment, and weeks of "pregnancy").


  "The Windsor Report as British Elitism: Excerpts on Elitism from Watkins' "Stand by your God: An American Schoolboy at Eton"

On this page are links to excerpts from Paul Watkins book on his experiences as a schoolboy at Eton, and before that a feeder school for Eton, from about 1978 until 1993.  To read these pages, where Paul is consistently introduced in his classes as "our friend from the Colonies", you'd really think it must have been much longer ago.  These are very pertinent to the Anglican Communion's Windsor Report on homosexuality, which condescendingly orders Americans to cease to "drop random texts into arguments"; which is Church of England parlance for exercising concience on fundamental matters of right, wrong, and how people are to treat each other, and leave thinking to their betters, such as scholars, and "the established leaders of the Church".

The Church of England is dominated by the English upper and upper middle classes.  Watkins' book sheds valuable light on what goes on in the minds of the English upper classes.   Those members of the English middle class who advance furthest are usually trained at Eton, and other schools like it, alongside the British aristocracy, resulting in cogs of a corrupt and outmoded, and seriously out of touch, British imperial machine.  In other words, if you think the issues of the Revolutionary War ended two hundred years ago, they didn't.   Evidently the hierarchy of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Amerca has never realized that the United States became an independent nation.  .

This book is also invaluable, for those wondering what kind of a school Prince William and Prince Harry were sent to. In fact, Prince Charles is surrounded with "Old Etonians", and they were behind the decision to send William and Harry to Eton. That is highly significant for public policy, and for the future of the British monarchy. Eton is at the center of an extremely corrupt as well as out of touch wing of the British aristocracy.

  The published work of my grandmother, Helen R. Lowe, on the whole word/ word recognition vs phonics issue of how to teach reading, a Scientific American article on the subject, and the words from my grandmother's Wordcaster phonetic rhyming word family exercises.

  Dora the Explorer's Earthquake Page my web page on the science of the Indian Ocean/ Banda Aceh Earthquake of December 26, 2004. I found clear explanation explaining the quake and the violent tectonics of that region hard to find - so when I eventually found answers, I made my own page. I have links to technical and good media analyses of the quake, scholarly papers on the tectonics of the region, maps and charts of the tectonics of the region, basic related terminology, and tsunami safety. I also have information on the most noted other geological events of history.

  Dora the Explorer's catastrophic volcanos and earthquakes page

Anne King of Subdbury Mitochondrial DNA web site (Rootsweb wouldn't let me upload the sound file)


A REALLY good student bloopers History of the World. This one is hysterical.

 Texas Snowmen are Very Small. (If y'all didn't already know that.)




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